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Questions re; Essay Finder, Part 2

Can I Order An Essay If I Live Outside Of The United States?
Yes! Thanks to the Internet, Essay Finder services students from all over the world!!! Just enter your valid email address or fax number on our order form..and you'll be able to get any essay from our site within just a few hours!!! Customers from ALL nations are welcome!!!

Can You Send Essays In Languages Other Than English? 
Yes! ANY of our 25,000+ essays are also available in Spanish, French, Italian, German, or Portuguese! By default, all essays are sent in English... If you prefer to view a translation in one of these other languages, simply choose the TRANSLATE option on our order form. Please understand, of course, that English is our native language and translations into foreign languages may not always be perfect. To ensure that our research is understandable, we will always send a backup copy of our essay in English--even if you request a translation. 

Can I Use Your Essay As My Own?
Not even one section of our essay may be re-used, re-worded, or even re-cycled as your own. Essay Finder's research is to be cited within your own report as originating from our company. Failure to follow this simple rule constitutes plagiarism-- a serious academic crime which can result in censure, failure, and even expulsion. Our writers' name will appear at the top of any essay we send to you... so you know exactly who to cite as your source. If you have any questions regarding specific methods for citing The Paper Store and/or Essay Finder [i.e., in APA or MLA style style], just email .. and let us know !!!

Can I Cancel An Order ... Or Return An Essay For A Refund?
Essay Finder's order processing system is so fast..and so complex.. that it is not possible to screen for "cancellation requests" before fulfilling orders. Consequently, once a customer puts an order through, there is no method nor any manner by which we can void or remove it from the send queue. Thus, we ask that all customers please be certain about their orders before placing them. Even if a customer mis-types their email address or delivery information, Essay Finder is responsible only for re-sending our work, not for voiding the sale. Upon receipt our essay, refunds cannot be granted..due to the highly-reproducible, intangible nature of pure research. Students are encouraged to ask questions about particular essays and to ask to view free, one page samples before making a purchase from this site. That way, you know precisely what you'll be receiving and will have full confidence in our excellent work..and in your very important purchase!!!...

What if I order a custom paper and it doesn't match the research instructions presented at the time I've placed my order?
Good question! At Essay Finder, we guarantee to match the research instructions that we've received from you at the time in which you placed your order, or we will revise the paper at NO additional charge.  However, you must notify us within 4 days of our researcher sending the file to receive this revision or there could be a nominal fee required.   

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